I’m Jen. I’m living in Timmins, Ontario right now, but I was born and raised in Mississuaga (about ten minutes from Toronto) Everyone’s first question is: Why on Earth would you move to Timmins, all the up there? The short answer: to be with my boyfriend of five years. He got a writing job as the Sports Editor of the Timmins Daily Press and it was the next step in our relationship to move in together. I don’t mind living all the way up here (we’re about eight hours north of Toronto) except that I’d like to be closer to my family. The good thing about writing is that you can do it anywhere. I’m working at Bulk Barn during the day to pay the bills, but at night I’m working on new tales, old tales, and everything in between.

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. If it wasn’t written, it was told out loud to my friends during sleepovers. In high school, I wrote Scooby Doo type mysteries mixed with boy bands and Simpsons quotes. I’m not lying when I say my friends enjoyed these immensely. Thankfully, my writing has grown up along with me and it’s safe to say there are no boy bands in what I write today. I found myself writing in math class instead of learning the formulas and even though I continued to fail math, I didn’t stop writing. It’s all I really knew.

I went off to college to pursue my long dream of becoming a veterinarian. This was what I had always planned on being, so I took a starter program at Sheridan College before going off to University. I enjoyed the program well enough, but my mornings after my mom would drop me off consisted of me listening to Thursday and Taking Back Sunday and writing story after story. It was about a month before graduating that I realized I enjoyed the hours before class much more than the classes themselves. So I graduated, got my certificate, and told my mom I wanted to be a writer. I think she was waiting for this, I mean it was no secret I loved to write. So she told me she was okay with it and for me to choose a writing program to go into. The whole time she was very supportive and paid my way through, even though I know she would have liked me to have the money a veterinarian made.

A year later I enrolled in a journalism program at Sheridan. There I got the experience and feedback I needed to strengthen my writing (and I also met my boyfriend). Upon graduating, I took an internship at SoundProof Magazine, an online music magazine based in Toronto that sadly no longer exists. What I loved about writing for them was that I was writing about what I actually loved. Journalism was good and all, but I wanted more creative freedom. After two years writing reviews for concerts and CDs and interviewing some great bands, I put SoundProof behind me due to lack of time. But I didn’t stop writing. I took everything I learned from both school and the magazine and continued to write about what I loved. My writing is short, simple and clear (as my professor in school told me it ought to be) and music somehow finds its way into every story I write.

As of now, I’ve written the first two books in a series and I’m in the process of getting the first book published. Vitality is a YA novel about a girl who has the ability to both heal and hurt with her hands. Prone to keeping to herself, she risks her life to save her sister, endangering them both. She leaves the comfort of her house to keep safe from those who want to capture her and find out how she does what she does. This leads her on an adventure of self-discovery, lies, love and betrayal.

I’m also working on a new novel that is in the very early stages about two sisters who work for a secret society ridding the world of evil.

Writing is what I love and one day it will be my day job.